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Pedigree Name: Mountain Myst Chayenne Serendipity

Full Pet Name: Willa Whisp

Weight: Approx: 79 lbs

Mountain Myst Northern Inuit Retired Dam

Willa was part of the first American-born Northern Inuit litter and she displays the qualities of a Northern Inuit so well and was such a big girl we just had to keep her. Willa has grown up to be one of the largest females in our pack and one of the strongest dogs.  She takes after her dad, Nero, in her facial features and has a very wolfy look to her. 

Sadly, Willa had to be removed from the Mountain Myst breeding program before she was able to bear puppies.  Due to a possible injury to her hips as a puppy, her hip scores are too high to breed in accordance to the breeding standards set forth by the breed's kennel clubs (NISA and NIS).  She has been re-homed with Alexis, Willa's favorite human where she is spoiled rotten along with her older Chihuahua brother and two cats. 

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