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Pedigree Name: Mahlek One Love

Full Pet Name: Feather White Tip

Weight: Approx: 72 lbs

Mountain Myst Northern Inuits Dam

Feather is Sherlock's sister and the most recent dog to join our pack from the UK.  She is fun, playful, boisterous and energetic and, like her brother, Feather has a very defined mask with a subtle sliver of white blaze on her forehead. She has big, warm dark brown eyes and is the most submissive of the pack.

Feather's coat has a whiter tone to it than Puddle's and Nala's who have a creamier white. 

As siblings, Feather and Sherlock have the dark genes in the pack and when they have puppies with other dogs their puppies always have darker coats.

Feather is Hercule's mom with Nero as his father. Hercule is the youngest Northern Inuit in our pack. Feather has also given birth to the Nightfall litter with Nero as the father.

Feather is best friends with Puddle and they are partners in crime (they both like to dig deep holes sometimes). Feather is a fabulous mum and is doting and attentive to her puppies every need. 

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