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Meet  our Elsa,

Mountain Myst Prairie Phlox


Elsa is our gorgeous 'blonde' child (she is considered a silver & cream Timber) like her father. 

 Elsa is daughter of Puddle & Nero from the Pueblo one litter .

She is a tall young lady and will grow up to become a large female like her mother Puddle. Elsa is super sweet and kind & loves her younger half sister 'Naughty Nonni '  who is also Nero's daughter shown in picture where Elsa is proudly showing her off. Elsa has beautiful yellow/amber eyes and goes out of her way to try to please. 

Elsa's & Wolf's first litter together were born May 8th 2021. We always knew Elsa was  special but she proved to be extra special when she delivered Mountain Myst's first 'All White' Northern Inuit puppies (three all white). She delivered a total of 8 males & one female, but Sadly we lost the last two puppies that had aspirated birthing fluid as they were being born they had been the last puppies to be born and both the veterinary and ourselves were unable to remove the fluid from their lungs. One of the congested  puppies was an all white male pup.Both puppies passed 2 days later.

The rest of the litter are healthy and active and putting on weight nicely.

IMG_2490 2.jpeg
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