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Meet Naughty Nonni, aka Timberline Ante Up at Moutain Myst


Nonni is another of Nero's stunning offspring and looks the splitting image of her father . Nonni has a medium length Silver Timber colored coat Nonni's mother  is a long haired Northern Inuit 'aFluffy' as they are affectionately called and is Timberline's beautiful Zelda.Nonni lives up to the name naughty Nonni as she is always getting into  mischief. She will of course mellow out as she learns the pack 's behavior rules and will also join our breeding program when she grows up. 

The Latest Update: Nonni is now part of our breeding program and we are happy to announce that she had her very first litter of 6 born on Aug 3rd 2021.

The  exciting  & strange news was that she followed in her sister Elsa's footsteps & had 2 all white male puppies! (not albino), Elsa also had 2 all white puppies . The white comes from a very recessive gene which makes the all white puppies pretty rare & hard to find. I was told recently that there has not been an all white registered Northern Inuit pup born in the UK since 2008! We have been breeding Northern Inuits since 2013 and  have never produced an all white puppy. This year we have been blessed with 4 all white Puppies from 2 different litters!

We plan to keep 2 or 3 of them. Both litters had only one female and of course all the rest are equally as stunning. 

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