The Hybrids

This page shows the Malamute/Wolf Hybrids that are members of our pack.  They are NOT Northern Inuits but since they do live with us as pets and we do occasionally breed them, they will show up in many of our pictures so we feel that they deserve to be mentioned.


Pedigree Name: Halo Essence of Wolf

Weight: Approx: 77lbs

Mountain Myst Hybrid Dam

Halo is a low-content Malamute/Wolf Hybrid. She is stunning to look at and although she is very similar in appearance to a Northern Inuit, she retains some of the slight characteristics of a wolf.  For example, she shows affection by nibbling lightly at you and it tickles!


Halo is very affectionate but somewhat shy and reserved.  She is very athletic, almost as fast as Nero, and has beautiful light amber eyes.


Mountain Myst Sapata Winter's Eclipse

Pet Name: Romulus aka: Rom-Rom

Weight: Approx. 104 lbs

Mountain Myst Hybrid

Romulus is Halo's son.  He is a sweet, huge boy who, in more than one occasion, reminds us of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He is goofy and clumsy but it's all just an act because he is also very smart.  He once opened his kennel, got out, and locked the kennel door after him! He also likes to pull all the bowls out of the kennels and line them up in the yard. We are not sure why! He has a beautiful thick, long coat and soulful, dark amber eyes.

Kinsey & Addicus romancing

Addicus's Mommy

Addicus's Dad


Pedigree Name: Mountain Myst Rose Quartz Beauty

Weight: Approx: 40 lbs and growing

Mountain Myst Malamute Wolf Hybrid

The newest and fluffiest member of the Mountain Myst Pack is Kinsey. She has long whispy fur that makes you want to pick her up and hug her.  She is friendly and playful.  Kinsey is very smart and recently graduated puppy school. Halo, her mom, spoils her rotten and even gives all of her own treats to her. The pack already loves her and so does everyone else.  

Meet our Hybrid Stud Big Boy...Addicus



is our big sweet fluff bucket Hybrid stud who is a combination of Malamute/Husky & Grey Wolf, He has one blue eye & one yellow just like his father, his mother has a pure white coat but his coat color is a blend of both his mother & father combined.He is a tall large handsome male with a super thick plush double coat. He has a pretty sweet disposition, but he never seems to stay clean for long, and always seem to find something to roll in such as mud, horse poop, dead wildlife etc. He is playful with the girls of course, less so with our other males however none of the males are buddies during the heat cycles of our females. However  we are grateful that he is not as vocal charged as our Nero is (thank goodness) during this time. We are excited about his two upcoming  litters expected in Aug/Sept t with Kinsey and Halo. His puppies are expected to be impressive and importantly sweet natured. We are currently accepting applications for these two expected 2019 litters. We are not taking applications for next year as we have not yet decided if we will continue to breed our Hybrids. If you are interested in getting one of his puppies please send us an email requesting more info regarding our Malamute/Hybrid mix puppies, the adoption process & pricing details.



Puppies Currently Available for adoption