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Quite a few people ask me how its possible to get a Northern Inuit puppy.

Northern Inuits are not readily available in the United States, but they are here, only very limited. At this time there are only three active registered NI breeders in the USA.

Additionally, Mountain Myst will interview potential puppy owners to make sure that both the puppy and the owners will be compatible families for each other.  We want, both family and puppy to be a happy match.


If you wish to adopt a Northern Inuit into your family, there are a few steps you should take before doing so.

1. Research, Research, Research....and if you think this is the breed for you, research some more.  Know all that you can about the Northern Inuit, or any dog for that matter, so that you can take care of your new familiy member.Contact the Northern Inuit Society who will have listing of reputable registered NI Breeders and other NI breed information. (contact info listed in contact tab)


2. Talk to the owners of Northern Inuits. Meet people on forums; talking in chats. Get to know the breeders. As with any pure bred dog, there are "good" breeders and "bad" breeders. When you buy a puppy you are also buying the breeder. If you are not sure about a certain breeder, or a certain planned litter, then don't go with it. There will be other litters, so make sure you are getting what you want. A healthy, well balanced, well socialized puppy and a breeder willing to give you the support you will need throughout your dog's life will make owning a Northern Inuit better for both you and your dog.  On a side note, Mountain Myst will always take your puppy/adult dog back from you if you find that you can't keep your animal for whatever reason.  We love our dogs and only wish the best for them, but we also know that things happen and owners may sometimes need to find a new home for their family members.  

3. Know what it is that you are looking for.  Are you looking for a show dog?  Just a new family member? This will help you pick which litter would be best for you.

4. Know the breeder.  Interview them. Remember your puppy will be staying with them for the first 3 months of their life. Do you trust them to raise your puppy for that long?

5. Be ready. Get all your leashes, collars, bowls, kennels, food and treats before they arrive.  Also, if you can visit your puppy, bringing along a blanket for your puppy to get familiar "smells", this is not necessary, but is very helpful when bringing home your puppy.  Familiarity will help hime/her adapt more easily.


6. Make plans to pick up your puppy.  Mountain Myst does NOT ship puppies.  You will have to have an appropriate method of transportation and an adequate crate for your puppy before we will allow the puppy to be transfered to their new home.  Safety is our main concern, not only for the puppy, but for the puppy's new family.

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