** Updates:

The 2021 Northern Inuit Waitlist Is now Closed*(We are however,  accepting applications for the 2020 & 2021 standby waitlist)

  • The Official 2022 waitlist will open on November 1st.

Mountain Myst relocated to South West Pueblo County,Colorado, between Pueblo's beautiful State Lake/Reservoir, the Arkansas river and the Wet Mountains. It is a lot warmer than we are used to, luckily its not humid in Colorado so it feels much less stifling than many other hot states. Our dogs are coping well with the climate change.

  We do experience some internet connectivity issues mainly due to poor signal strength as we are in the rural areas of the foothills  of Pueblo.  

 If you did not get a response to your email there is a good chance that we did not either receive it, or was unable to open it to review & respond back to you. Please try to resend your email enquiries to us again and thank you for your patience.