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Puppy News!

















Talulah & Hercule

recently had their first litter!

The litter theme name is 'The Summer Camp' litter. All of these  puppies are 'fluffies' just like their mother Talulah (Talulah means 'lady of abundance' and Talulah had an abundance of fur as a puppy lol)

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 we have had a few cancellations especially from our Canadian applicants, with that given we have  two available female Northern Inuits from this litter. If anyone is interested in adopting one of these beautiful fluff ball Northern Inuits please let us know asap as they must have passed their background screening and comp[leted the Questionaire application form. If you are already on the 2020 standby waitlist and have missed our call or are interested in one of Talulah's female puppies let us know asap.

These puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes on Saturday September 26th 2020 at 10 weeks old. For further adoption info & pricing details & for the application Questionaire form please send us a request via email to:

*We also have available two 12 month old hybrid pups , a female from Halo's last litter and a male from Kinsey's last litter. Details on the Hybrid page.



Congratulations are also in order for Nala & Wolf who also had a litter of three males.

There are are no available puppies from this litter and all have been placed. Since this is Nala's last litter and  she is now retired; Mountain Myst has decided to keep one of Nala's pups to enhance the breeding program as Nala is the last of her line.



Puppy News!


** Updates:

We are so sorry for the delay in updates of our web site. Ill health, the COVID-19 plague and caring for our menagerie :D leaves us with very little time to update our site. Hopefully once this virus gets a vaccine that works and is safe we will get back to having our regular staff, friends &  family back to help us keep up with things. 



The 2021 Northern Inuit Waitlist Is now Closed. *(We are however,  accepting applications for the 2020 & 2021 standby waitlist)

  • The Official 2022 waitlist is currently open and we are now accepting applications. 


Mountain Myst relocated to South West Pueblo County,Colorado, between Pueblo's beautiful State Lake/Reservoir, the Arkansas river and the Wet Mountains. It is a lot warmer than we are used to, luckily its not humid in Colorado so it feels much less stifling than many other hot states. Our dogs are coping well with the climate change.

  We do experience some internet connectivity issues mainly due to poor signal strength as we are in the rural areas of the foothills  of Pueblo.  

 If you did not get a response to your email there is a good chance that we did not either receive it, or was unable to open it to review & respond back to youI am also a couple of weeks behind with reading my emails due to some of the unforeseen effects of the Coroner Virus and trying to safely manage our small holding farm chores and duties without our usual volunteer helpers etc we have gotten behind with email responses, and web site updates. So please try to resend your email enquiries to us again and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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