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Polar Male born July 21 2023

Female born Aug 17 2023


Male born July 11 2023


Salt & Pepper


                       New litter!

Pandora's & Groot'S 

Salt & Pepper litter 

2 big boys

Born Friday Feb 2nd.

Will be Ready to leave us on April 12th 2024

























































































Male born Oct 21 2023

In order: Polar Female born July 21 2023, siblings Male, Female, & Male all three born Aug 17th 2023


Male born Aug 17 2023

** Updates**


Good News!

We now have available Puppies & are accepting applications for them now!

  • We currently have several gorgeous male & female  puppies who are available  for adoption now,  aged from 17 weeks - 30 weeks of age that are ready to leave for their forever homes. 

  • **Take advantage of the $300 discount! on any of the currently available Northern Inuit puppies 15 weeks & older by using the discount Code : #AD300L in section one of the application Questionaire  form.** 








          We are also currently accepting                    applications for our  2024/25 litters!  

  • Please note: Puppies that are a little older than the general leaving age of 10 weeks old who are much bigger in size are still very much puppies who still deeply bond with their new pack leader human parents & family and are just as sweet and loving, they are very intelligent & extremely trainable. A little 10 week old puppy grows super fast in size in a matter of a couple of weeks honestly.   


 Mountain Myst relocated to South West Pueblo County,Colorado, between Pueblo's beautiful State Lake/Reservoir, the Arkansas river and the Wet Mountains. It is a lot warmer than we are used to, luckily its not humid in Colorado so it feels much less stifling than many other hot states. Our dogs are coping well with the climate change and we do still get lots of snow for the dogs to enjoy.

      We do experience some internet connectivity issues mainly due to poor signal strength as we are in the rural areas of the foothills  of Pueblo.

If you did not get a response to your email there is a good chance that we either did not receive it, or was unable to open it to review & respond back to you so please don't give up on us, & according to the stats we really do have the best true Northern Inuits dogs out there (We're of course biased, but we are told this by our clients all the time & by interested non clients who have simply seen our dogs out in public or have spoken with the carefully selected  folk who have adopted  one or more of our dogs).

We do apologize for  not getting back to you sooner, We admit that we have gotten behind with reading & replying to some of our emails as quickly as we would want, including updating our web site regularly has been a challenge due to our poor internet reception & service area.

However, we are still breeding our beautiful dogs at this time although we will have to downsize over the next few years as our age & health appear to be the determining factor.

We thank you for visiting our website & thank you in advance for your patience & kindness.

So please try to resend your email enquiries to us again if you haven't heard back from us, or send me a short but sweet text message stating your name, contact # and email address & your question(s).



Again thank you for your patience, your support  and most of all your understanding.


Sharon & Mike O'Garro


Please do not submit your completed
Questionaire Application Form until you have read our adoption & pricing details first & are ready to proceed.

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