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Pedigree Name: Mahlek's Redemption Song

Full Pet Name: No Schitt Sherlock

Weight: 75lbs

Mountain Myst Northern Inuits Sire

Sadly Sherlock passed away in April of 2019 after several weeks of battling a mysterious multi symptom illness. An autopsy was performed and he was found to have developed an aggressive uncommon form of a stomach cancer.The saving grace was that it is not an inherited

Sharon is still grieving over the loss of her dear Sherlock and has kept one of Sherlock's nephews from his sister Feather's Canyon litter who she has aptly named 'Holmes' in loving memory of Sherlock.

Sherlock has sired some truly stunning puppies during his life and will be missed not only by Sharon but also by Nala, his canine wife who was close to Sherlock and who chose him to sire her puppies.

Good boy Sherlock "shuna muna gunna" with your yellow eyes a glow,

Run free and be happy on the other side of the rainbow ,

My dear Sherlock I miss you more than you will ever know,

I know you miss me too, and want to follow me wherever I may go,

 but be happy as you run free from any pain,

be happy as you now can run again,

be happy that you were loved and now are missed,

be happy that you're a star of Mountain Myst.

I believe you knew you were my special boy, and that I loved you dearly; hear me tell you that you will always be a part of me within the depths of my inna soul and I hope to be reunited with you one day and we will hug and cuddle, we will play fetch the ball , hide and go seek and I will scratch your belly as we catch up on happier past times Shuna Muna Gunna Sherlock.

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