Current Sire for 2019 Hybrid Litters is Addicus
Past litter's Sire was Neeko

Our Hybrid Puppies

Mountain Myst is happy to announce that we have bred our low-content, Malamute /Wolf hybrid Halo, due to popular demand and have paired up our big boy Addicus to both Halo & Kinsey.  

  **Only Serious applicants need apply.

Puppy News!


 Halo had a brand new litter on July 26th 2019.

** We have 1 beautiful female still available Miss Chinook who is now an adolescent puppy and super sweet (not an Alpha).

Miss Chinook















Kinsey also had a beautiful litter of puppies and we have just 1 stunning 12 month old  boy left for adoption. He has a sweet disposition and not aggressive, he is a little shy but once he feels comfortable he is playful, mischievous and super loving.


'Big Boy'










Please send all inquires regarding any of our Hybrid puppies to: mountainmystnortherninuits@yahoo.com


- These are NOT Northern Inuits or Northern Inuit mixed dogs.  

- These have low-wolf content and can be kept in standard enclosures like dogs, however, you should check your local county or state regulations regarding keeping wolf hybrids as pets before you make an inquiry about the dogs.


Halo's 2019 litter



Mountain Myst kept a puppy from Halo and Neeko's first litter.  Learn about her and the other hybrids in the Mountain Myst pack.

Mtn Myst's Lapiz Wisdom.

Pet name Cloud

has found his new forever home! which  we feel is a really good match.  I am happy to report that Cloud and his new owner are doing very well and both are happy

Thank you to everyone who showed interest wanted to adopt him.