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The Adoption Process

Yay! we have finally been able to updated this page.

So for our regular friends & interested visitors, Yes we still breed our American Northern Inuit dogs (we never stopped).

We have decided to publish our adoption process details here on this page to allow our potential future adoptees easier access to this info enabling those that wish to proceed with the adoption process a quicker & smoother transition.


Mountain Myst Northern Inuits


Owner/Breeder: Sharon O'Garro
Admin. Assistant: Alexis Madrigal

Pueblo, Colorado 81005


** Please use our email address first for regular inquiries regarding future adoptions/waitlists or to request more information, & allow 7-10 business days for our response.

  • However, if you are wanting to adopt a puppy from any current litter, for a quicker response time. you can leave us a brief text message, to include your full name, a good phone number that we can text you or call you back at, your email address, & the State that you reside in & don't forget to attach your completed questionnaire form to your text. 

  • Please write in the Subject box either:      *​For  Current litter & year                                     or                                         *Future 2024 year  litter.   

  •  ** Pretty Please, we ask that you do not send us an email or text with your completed Questionaire application form unless you are seriously ready to proceed with the adoption process or if you are ready to get on any future waitlist that we have open as the one time application processing fee is non-refundable & is used for the business admin costs & also covers the cost of the comprehensive background screening cost, it is not a deposit for a puppy.

  • Your completed application questionaire  form cannot be processed if the application processing fee has not been submitted, and will be discarded if the applicant decides not to proceed at that time or does not contact us to proceed. 

  • Our waitlists do fill up pretty quickly so we recommend that you do not wait too long to apply, for example, we are accepting applications now for our 2024 waitlist, so it is best that you don't wait until the  last minute  to get your application into us & your background screening completed & approved as the process does take some time & based on a first come first serve basis regarding the waitlists.

We live in a rural part of southern Colorado in the foothills of the mountain range & our internet service connection can sometimes be problematic; so if you have already sent us an email us & have not received a reply or response after 7 days please either resend your email message or for a quicker response send us a text message to:

Phone: 719-661-0571 

Please do not try to leave a voice message as our voice mail box is always full.


Additional Links


Below is the web site link to our legitimate Non Profit kennel club.

Northern Inuit Society of America. (NISA)


**NISA Volunteers are always welcome & needed**

Mountain Myst is no longer affiliated with or associated with the UK's NIS due to the outrageous vindictive, spiteful  sabotaging efforts & behaviors shown by its founder towards Mountain Myst after we refused to go along with their deceitful plan which ultimately deceives potential American buyers something I found pretty unethical, deceptive practices that has apparently been going on within that group for several years now causing many major break away groups to form creating several different breed names for the Northern Inuit dog & in doing so retarding the attempts by those genuinely wanting to get the breed officially recognized icy the major all breed kennel clubs the UK & the USA. e in order to fool or deceive American buyers of its founder.


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