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Welcome to our video page.  Come here whenever you are having a bad day and need a daily dose of cuteness as we will begin posting videos of puppies playing and the rest of the pack being goofy.  Feel free to share our videos on the social media site of your choice and let us know what you think about them. Enjoy!

Mountain Myst On Fox 21 News!!

10/2/2015: The first American-born Northern Inuit litter was featured on Fox 21 News.  At six weeks of age, the puppies are naturals in front of the cameras.  Nero and Sherlock enjoyed their time in the limelight too!


Click on the picture to view the video.  You will be redirected to the FOX 21 News page.

10/5/2015: The Northern Inuit puppies are playing with their Hybrid cousins.  The result: too much cuteness!! 

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