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Pedigree Name: Mountain Myst Hercules

Full Pet Name: Hercule Poirot

Weight: Approx: 90 lbs

Mountain Myst Future Stud

Hercule was one of only two puppies out of Feather and Nero's first litter so he had lots of room in the womb to grow up to be the largest (and fattest) puppy we have ever seen! He resembles his uncle, Dupe, Nero's darker brother.  Hercule's beautiful dark markings are different from the rest of our pack so we decided to keep him!  


Hercule is very smart and well-behaved when out in public. He is also very vocal and has a deep howl. Like his dad, Nero, he will talk back to you with little howls.  We are all excited to see how big he will grow! 

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