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Introducing our our North American Polar Inuit Dogs

No these are not another breed of dog, these are our all White American Northern
Inuit dogs, that we have been blessed with.
We have named them Polar Inuits as they closely resemble Polar bear cubs from new born- 5 weeks.
These dogs share a recessive white coat gene from both maternal & paternal parents The all white Northern Inuits are rare, although one would think that given their fairly high percentage of German Shepherd in their genetic make up, all-white coated dogs would be more common; however  according to the UK kennel club's registration person, & at the time of the two litters with the all-white puppies, there had not been any all-white Northern Inuits born since  2008 in the UK.
The Northern Inuit that played the 'Dire Wolf' Ghost in the award winning HBO series Game off Thrones was an all-white Northern Inuit.

So you can imagine how surprised we were when Elsa & Nonni who are half siblings, having Nero as their father in common; each produced 2 rare  all white male puppies; both litters were sired by Wolf.
Elsa's white puppies had  medium coat lengths & Nonni's all white puppies had the longer type coats aka fluffies.
We wanted to know more so we sent DNA samples to Embark who we use to also health test our dogs & contacted Embark's Geneticist team who explained the results. Our white coated Northern Inuits were produced because both Elsa & Nonni carry the recessive
all-white coat gene which they got from their father Nero, & Wolf also carries this gene. Embark's  DNA test results testing showed us that there is Samoyed & Grey wolf in their recent ancestry.
I was shocked to find out that our Nero has  7.7% of pure Grey Wolf content in him, which would explain his very wolf-like look & intelligence and why the all white Northern Inuits do resemble white wolves & not German Shepherds or Samoyed dogs. But I was also a little saddened & disappointed because this also meant that we have obviously not been told the complete truth regarding Nero's lineage or possibly even the Northern Inuits history as a whole by the founder of NIS who was also the  owner of Nero's late father. Back then there was little to no DNA testing done by breeders in the UK,
This new revelation affects our how we have been advertising our Northern Inuit dogs, as we had been saying to everyone for years now that our Northern Inuits have  'The look of the wolf without the wolf' which is apparently not true. So we will have to drop that claim to fame or change it somehow. The Geneticists did say that any wolf content less than 6%  is too low to determine the actual wolf type & is usually listed as undetermined heritage  or sometimes native village dog; However the wolf content that Nero has is high enough to show that he has in fact Grey wolf content in him, but the most shocking news to us was that the Wolf content was a  recent introduction in his genetic make up  ancestry & is not the common wolf DNA that all dogs share with the wolf.
Since Nero was bred & born in the UK, & the breed was developed there, the  answers to this mystery must also lay there; (there are many rumors, half truths, assumptions & outright lies floating about about how this breed was first started including who founded the breed. Through research along with the DNA testing we have just done has put to rest some of that for us.
We were told that it is possible to pin point the actual generation when the Grey Wolf was introduced by using Nero's Gray wolf percentage, the inbred COI score going back on a reversal trail; then if they include registered  pedigrees in the line up it is possible to find out the Dam & Sire names used for the Wolf/cross parent & we are considering doing this out of sheer interest. Nero also had a low DNA coefficient inbreeding number of 16 which is a good thing too.
However, Whatever the outcome or however the Northern Inuits were developed in the first place, they are still absolutely wonderful stunning dogs with fabulous temperaments & my favorite of all breeds so far we are still grateful to have been able to act as human pack leaders to our dogs.

Elsa's Beautiful 
'Polar' Inuit Puppies


Nonni's Beautiful  
'Polar' Inuit puppies

                            Jack Frost & Biscuit


  Our lovely   Clover


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