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Hero in Training

On January 8th, 2017, Mountain Myst Northern Inuits donated a puppy, Mountain Myst Moon Howler, to Victory Service Dogs.  Victory Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that gives dogs to veterans and teaches them to train their own service/therapy dog.  The puppy is to serve as a therapy dog for local wounded veteran Josh.  He and his family decided to name the puppy "Hero" and the puppy began training that same day.


Although Northern Inuits often serve as service dogs in the UK this is the first Northern Inuit to serve as a service dog in the United States.  We, at Mountain Myst, come from military families and hope to make this a yearly donation.  We will continuously follow Hero's progress and post it on this site so stay tuned!

Click on the images below for news coverage of the presentation and the donation events.

Northern Inuit Service Dog

Mountain Myst Moon Howler AKA Hero.  Doesn't that face just soothe your soul!!!

Mountain Myst Puppy Donation

Victory Service Dogs Chooses Josh Emer

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