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Colorado Plant Litter

In case you were wondering how do we come up with pedigree names, each litter has a theme for their names.  The last litter was named after Colorado mountains, this litter is named after Colorado flora (plants).  The males are named after trees and the girls are named after flowers. 


A very pregnant Puddle on January 3rd. 

Puddle and her puppies after she gave birth to the last one.

Nero, the proud father

Northern Inuit Puppies, Mountain Myst

Meet The Girls

Northern Inuit Puppy

Mountain Myst Larkspur's Sway

Pet Name: Arya

Northern Inuit Puppy

Mountain Myst Columbine's Grace

Pet Name: Daenerys

Meet The Boys

Mountain Myst Bur Oak's Pride

Pet Name: Axel

Mountain Myst Pine Shadow

Pet Name: Dublin 

Mountain Myst Juniper's Might

Pet Name: Maximus

Mountain Myst Hawthorne's Anthem

Pet Name: Loki

Mountain Myst Aspen Glow

Pet Name: Zeus

One-day old puppies


Here is a video of Puddle and her puppies, they are a day old and just too cute!  When they aren't nursing they are exploring their whelping box, hiding under blankets, or making the cutest noises.

6-day old puppies


The puppies cuddle up together for warmth while their whelping box is being cleaned. The little pups wiggle around so much it is a miracle they all lined up together.  You can already see their fur is starting to lighten up. 

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