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The look of the Wolf without the Wild of the Wolf!

Mountain Myst Northern Inuits

Learn more about this wonderful breed

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Is this the breed for me?

Northern Inuits are a new breed in the United States, learn about the breed standard and appearance and check out the answers to people's most frequently asked questions here!


Majestic or total nitwits?  Meet the Northern Inuit and you be the judge.

The Adoption Process

Northern Inuits are not for the novice owner! If you are sure that this is the breed for you learn more about our adoption process...

Puppy News

View the current and upcoming litters

Future Owner Support

What to expect when you are expecting a Northern Inuit

About Us

Mountain Myst is one of only three active registered Northern Inuit breeders in the United States.

Sharon O'Garro saw a Northern Inuit walking down the street in England, find out what happened next and get to know your breeder.


We also breed low-content Malamute/Wolf Hybrids

Wolf hybrids, even those that only have a low percentage of wolf, can make challenging but loving pets. Find out if this is the pet for you.

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