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Miracle in the Laundry Room Litter

Nero and Puddle---------Born Nov 7, 2017

Why the name?  Well, this litter arrived much, much earlier than the vet calculated and Puddle gave birth in the cold garage!  Nit Wits like it cold but not newborn pups.  As soon as Sharon realized it, she brought them into the warm laundry room, even putting some in warm towels inside the dryer (it was off, of course!) Hence the name!

Mountain Myst Bounce (Yellow Collar)

Mountain Myst Downy (Light Pink Collar)

Mountain Myst Ariel (Dark Pink Collar)

Mountain Myst Gain (Dark Green Collar)

Mountain Myst Super Fresh (Blue Collar)

Mountain Myst Snuggle (Beige Collar)

Puppies' first taste of food

The Laundry Room Litter is greedy!

Bounce is Hard at Work

Mountain Myst Bounce is working hard at the Mountain Myst office.

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