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The Halloween Litter

Nala and Sherlock had puppies!!!  The puppies were born Oct 28, 2016, or Halloween weekend so they are known as the Halloween litter!

This puts puppy pick up day on Saturday, Jan 07, 2017.  Start getting ready 2016 wait list owners, New Year, New family member!!

Nala at the Vet after giving birth.  

This litter is very active and after only a few hours of being born, they already were trying to escape their cardboard crib.  Poor Nala looks really confused.  

Two day old puppies

We thought they were active before but now they have turned into little explorers.  The only time we can round them together is when it's dinner time!  

Two week old puppies

They may be nice and sleepy in this video but at this age they can be very active and start being vocal

Five Week Old Puppies

Ouch!! The puppies are teething and biting everything the can.  They are also learning how to play with each other and can be quite the little troublemakers.

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